The Messiah with 200 voices

On the 14th, 15th and 17th of December Pablo conducted a very special Haendel Messiah.  The chorus of more than 200 voices, leaded by the “Coral Universitaria de las Islas Baleares”, included the following vocal groups of the Islands: Cor Sant Julià (Campos) (Magdalena Rigó, dir.), Cor Ars Antiqua (Manacor) (Eulalia Salbanyà, dir.), Orfeó Artanenc (Artà) (Mª Antònia Serra, dir.), Pro Musica Chorus (Sóller) (Josep Alarcón, dir.), Orfeó L’Harpa d’Inca (Margalida Aguiló, dir.), Orfeó Universitat de les Illes Balears (Concepció Oliver, dir.) and the Capella Davídica de Ciutadella (Isabel Juaneda, dir.). The soloists: Irene Mas (Soprano), Anthea Pichanick (Alto), David Szigetvari (Tenor), Callum Thorpe (Bass). 14th Auditorium Palma, 15th Auditorium Manacor, 17th Cathedral of Ciudadella.

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